Pharmacy Information System

Created by the AMPATH Informatics Pharmacy development team, the AMRS Pharmacy Module provides a real time dispensing mechanism in both the ante-retroviral (ARV) pharmacy as well as the Revolving Fund Pharmacies (RFPs). It is the first open source system focused on both patient care as well as inventory control. The system helps to ensure patient safety, improves tracking of drug supplies from the warehouse to the patient level, and improving drug-related reporting. The Pharmacy module tracks dispensing, payment, & inventory and generates patient and financial reports.

One of the major benefits of the system is the integration within AMRS. This ensures that a patient encounter is complete; from the clinician to the pharmacy. A clinician is able to retrospectively countercheck the drugs dispensed with those prescribed. It also ensures that reports generated by Pharmacy communicate with those of other departments such as M & E department. The system will also aid in promoting adherence by tracking ARV refills. The ART pharmacy system is currently being tested in the main ART Pharmacy in Eldoret, after which it will be rolled out in other facilities.

The system also helps in the implementation of the incentivized adherence program. This is a project in which patients with chronic conditions such as cardiovascular diseases are encouraged to consistently buy their drugs before they stock out. An incentive in the form of a 50% discount is given on every fourth month of consistently buying the drugs from the RFP. This is currently being done only in the Eldoret RFP, with the hope of rolling it out in the other RFPs.
The RFP system also facilitates financial reconciliations in the RFPs. Currently, the RFP system has been already been rolled out in the Eldoret, after which other RFPs will follow. Once fully implemented, the system will facilitate smooth inventory management across all the RFPs since they will all be interconnected.