Clinical Decision Support

AMPATH’s Clinical Decision Support (CDSS) links health observations with health knowledge to influence choices by clinicians for improved health care. The primary aim of CDSS is to assist clinicians at the point of care.

  • CDSS helps the clinician to determine, diagnose and analyze patient data by providing a clinical summary sheet that allows clinicians to better analyze of the patients’ data than having to go through the physical chart/file.
  • CDSS to provide guidance to physicians on specific courses of medical action that might have otherwise been overlooked by applying guidelines and logic to patient data from AMPATH Medical Records System (AMRS).


The CDSS team within AMPATH Informatics produces clinical summary sheets for every patient visit. Clinical advices (reminders) are displayed on the summary sheets in addition to other standard data such as the name, lab tests, drugs etc. The reminders on the Clinical Summary do not dictate the Clinical Judgment of the Clinicians, but aid better Clinical Decision Making for better health provision to the patient. Printing of AMPATH informatics summary sheets has evolved from real time printing, where a summary sheet was printed as the patient arrives at the clinic, to batch printing where summary sheets are printed in bulk based on patient return visit dates. This adjustment has allowed AMPATH sites to utilize the CDSS program with huge number of HIV positive patients that the AMPATH program supports. The CDSS team is currently piloting the use of mobile devices.